Release Version V1.42.0

This latest release brought us some new updates and improvements at Admin and User Portal.

Admin Portal


  • The settings page of the organization was adapted to handle the translations for the catalog types.


  • A new sub-menu was added on organization settings page to handle the different document types.
  • We have adapted the notification of pending journey steps/tasks, to the admin can be able to see the signed and uploaded files
  • We have adapted the journey reports to display all the documents uploaded by users on journey steps, not just the signed documents.
  • We have adapted the page to create/edit journeys to have a new checkbox to indicate if the step is optional or not.


  • It is now possible to manage the network through a new “structure list” where you can see the initial and current sponsor.

User Portal


  • We have adapted the journey detail page to have a new step type to be possible to download/upload a document file.


  • The Sponsor and Binary Tree pages was adapted to have the filter search, to find users by name and email.