Release Version V1.41.0

This latest release brought us some new updates and improvements at Admin and User Portal.

Admin Portal


  • A new option was created on Academy to adapt the journey report page to have a block with all the documents signed by users.
  • We have implemented a new filter feature on our SCORM report pages.


  • Our latest update includes adapt the order detail page to show the full name of the products and variations.
  • Is now possible to create/edit challenges to have a new param to select multiple products when the score service is marketplace.
  • The settings page was improved. Now the Admin can choose how many submenus he wants to use on marketplace.


  • The option to enable a simplified view for challenges is now available. Simple view doesn’t allow users to see the challenge page, only the admins can.

User Portal


  • An additional column has been included on the my orders page whenwe select the filter “My Clients” displaying the name of the client.


  • The search page have the catalog menu dynamic as well the right categories per catalog type.