New Release Bravon

Release Version V1.39.0 & V1.40.0

Our most recent updates introduce enhancements and improvements to both the Admin and User Portals.

Admin Portal


  • On the Courses, Challenges, and Journey creation page was implemented a new field ”Competencies Domains”.


  • On the Connect Module, was implemented a new sub-menu ”Plans” where it’s possible to check all users’ active subscription plans and also their invoices.


  • A new feature was implemented when creating a new product: the ‘Subscription’ option! Easily indicate if products are available for subscription, providing flexible and recurring payment choices for users’ customers.
  • A new ”Subscriptions” tab in the marketplace sub-menu was implemented, allowing admins to view their product or order subscriptions and access invoices effortlessly.
  • Creating or editing products has evolved with two new steps: Targets and Rewards.

User Portal


  • With our latest updates, users gain full control over their active plans. They can switch between subscription plans and access invoices with ease on their profile menu.
  • In the ”Team Structure” page was implemented the Binary Tree tab.


  • The ”My Order” list has been upgraded to indicate orders included in subscriptions and showcase active subscriptions.
  • The new “Subscription Summary” page provides detailed insights into users’ subscriptions based on their status: active, failed, or canceled.