Release Version V1.34.0

In the latest release, version V1.34.0, we’ve made updates and improvements to the Admin and User Portals. These changes, available starting March 14th, include bug fixes and new features to enhance your experience.

Admin Portal


  • A new input has been added to fill in the estimated duration of a course.
  • You can now choose the type of VAT rate to be applied to the price of a session.
  • Admins can schedule inbox messages and surveys for the future.


  • Promotions: Admins now have two new fields to indicate the start and end dates of a promotional price and a label will appear on products that are on sale.
  • Coupons: There is a new target field, and coupons can be listed by email domains.

User Portal


  • A popup will appear when using mobile to redirect users to the Bravon App for a better user experience.


  • Sessions integration with Webex: Sessions now integrates with Webex for webinars.
  • Users will receive an email notification when they subscribe to a session.


  • The rewards schema for challenges has been optimized to accept a new type of reward, commissions. The user’s commissions will automatically appear when they win.
  • Users can now see when a product’s promotional price is ending.

Bugs Fixed

  • Users can now access their certificates after completing a course or a journey.
  • Admins can now see a user’s score on challenges to validate it.
  • The bug causing issues with shipping during checkout has been fixed.