Release Version V1.33.0

In this latest version, available starting December 6th, we have made improvements to the existing features on the Admin and User Portals.

Admin Portal


  • New fields are available for product variations, including UPC and description per variation. These fields will only appear on the invoice below the product name, and can be filled in when creating products.


  • We have optimized the process for inviting new users to Sessions, using just one personalized email for better success rates. No changes are needed on the Admin Portal.
  • A new step is available for Journeys, allowing admins to add purchases as Journey Steps. The admin can choose the product variation or products, and this step will be automatically marked as done when the user completes the purchase and the order status becomes “Pending”.


  • User Profiles now have an ID number for each organization, and there are three new fields available for users to fill: Place of Birth, SIREN (only required for French users), and Birth Name.


  • Descriptions for Journeys, Courses, Sessions, Challenges, and Products can now be written in HTML, making them fully customizable with the ability to add images, different fonts and text sizes.


  • A new user export is available on the Commissions page.
  • The SCORM Report has been optimized for more precise data presentation.

Bugs Fixed

  • The issue with profile challenges not being saved correctly during journeys has been fixed.
  • The issue with new registrations on public Sessions has been fixed.