Release Version V1.32.0

This version, available from October 24th, brought us New Features on Admin and User Portal and solved minor bugs.

User Portal


  • New feature on Journeys where users can digitally sign PDF documents requested by Admins.
  • Bravon challenges offer now the possibility for Score Challenges to have different score amounts. The admin can choose if it’s a generic and equal value to all scores or if it’s dynamic and filled by the user. Attention: only the amount can be different, the unit of measurement has to be the same.


  • New payment methods: Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available as payment options. To activate these payment options contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • In the checkout the user can now choose if he wants to save the information of the credit card for future purchases.


  • New Social Media Platforms available to connect.

Admin Portal


  • It’s now possible to search the coupons by name in the Admin Portal with the help of a new search field.


  • Video Inbox Messages can now support heavier files.

Bugs Fixed

  • The end date of a Session can now be the same as the start date, as long as the ending time is after the starting time.