Release Version V1.31.0

This version, available from October 10th, brought us New Features on Admin and User Portal and solved minor bugs.

Admin Portal

Direct Selling

  • New User Timeline displays all changes regarding sponsor and dates of that specific user.

Academy – Sessions

  • New field available in sessions to help admins leave secret/management notes only available to see in Admin Portal by other admins.
  • New Email with all information about Sessions: The admins can now choose to send an email to all Session Participants with all the information available about that Session. This email can be triggered in the Session Listings in the Admin Portal.
  • Certificates of Sessions with Surveys will only be available if the user successfully completes the Survey. If the user doesn’t complete the Survey right after the Session, it’s possible to do it in the Performance page.
  • Possibility to validate the participation in Classroom Sessions until 1 hour after the end date.

User Portal

Direct Selling

  • Making Orders to other users is now limited to users bellow in the Business Tree, either in Sessions, Order Create or Chat.
  • New warning message asking the user to confirm they want to change their personal page url.
  • Total Commissions are now calculated every day instead of at the end of the month.
  • User Level: The users have now a forecast view of the level they will achieve at the end of the month on their profile. This view will help motivate users to exceed their performance.
  • QR Code: Users can now share their personal page with the help of a QR Code.

Academy & Marketplace – General

  • New payment method available: Payment by Invoice, normally used for users to request their companies to pay for their subscriptions of Sessions, Courses & Journeys and/or purchases.
  • The link to the invoices are now automatically regenerated when they expire.


  • New “Cancelled” status available for Sessions.
  • New “Close” status available for finished sessions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Bug with Journey reports fixed.
  • Documents attached to Session weren’t always available. This bug was fixed.
  • Email Notification of Purchases improved when User changes emails.