Release Version V1.30.0

This version brought us New Features on Admin and User Portal and solved minor bugs.

Admin Portal


  • Second Stripe Account: If you are based in different countries, now you have the possibility to add a second Stripe account for businesses. Bravon will automatically select the stripe account that corresponds to the customer’s country and will apply the applicable VAT calculation rules.
    If the customer isn’t in any of the countries in which you are based, Bravon will use the stripe account you specified to use by default.

Academy & Marketplace – General

  • New Target Criteria Available: Now it’s possible to target products of Academy & Marketplace per country. So you can manage your product catalog according to the country and choose to make your content visible or not for certain geographical areas.

Direct Selling

  • Now you can also set points (VA/PV) to courses, sessions and Journeys & commission your distributors on Academy content sold.
  • New automated affiliation rule: when sharing a public session link, if a user (a new one or an existing one without sponsor) subscribes to the session, the sponsor will be by default the session assignee.

Academy – Sessions

  • New notifications sent automatically by email for confirmed sessions:
    – Notification email sent to the trainer and the host when they are added to a planned or confirmed session.
    – Reminder notification Email sent to participants 24h before Session.
    – Reminder notification Email sent to the trainer one week before Session.

User Portal


  • On “My Orders” (user profile), users have now a second tab for Academy purchases. They can follow their Academy orders and download their invoices.


  • Evolution of the Academy checkout: the order process of academy products (courses, sessions and journeys) now allows to use different payment methods, pay with coins and use coupons. For a better user experience, customers doesn’t need to add a shipping address.
  • Improvement of survey polling on Classroom sessions:
    – new full screen mode to improve visibility
    – new inbox card linked to polling survey
    – on the results, the trainer can see who responded what
    – automatic switch to survey at the end of the previous content.

Academy & Marketplace – General

  • Display of “Total VA” of the order on the checkout process only for distributor type users.

Bugs Fixed

  • Shuffle for options of Quizzes.
  • Challenges Reports Optimized.
  • Pop-ups in Safari Browser optimized.