Release Version V1.27.0

This version brought us New Features on Admin and User Portal!

Admin Portal


  • New feature to allows admins to export orders in .csv with a more complete information.
  • New feature to let products to be excluded from certain countries.
  • New Dashboard for Session Reports.
  • New Sessions’ Calendar available to help on a better management.
  • Add Live Polling surveys to Classroom Sessions.
  • Invite Distributors on their language instead of Organization’s default language.
  • New field available in the product pages to insert a re-seller price, only visible for the user type: collaborator and admin.


  • Add a secondary TAX country to the organization.
  • Select if the prices displayed in the organization include TAX or not.

User Portal


  • The design of the User Dashboard was lifted to a new version.
  • Now it’s possible to see upcoming Sessions in the main user dashboard.
  • Now it’s possible for users to see their pending orders in the user dashboard.
  • Select currency and based country for users without login.


  • Public sessions are now accessible to users without login.

Bugs Fixed

  • Bug that didn’t let users change their answer on surveys is now fixed.
  • Bug with different currencies from the organization’s default is fixed.
  • Bug related to the creation of chat groups fixed.
  • Bug related with taxes with decimal cases fixed.