Release Version V1.25.0

This version brought us New Features and also solved some bugs reported by our clients.

Admin Portal


  • New feature to help admins prepare orders. With the help of a scan gun or by digitizing the bar code number, it’s now possible to automatically change the order to processing and completed.
  • The total products number is now displayed at the bottom of the Order PDF to help the admins prepare the orders. The Bar code display was also improved.
  • It’s now possible to target Coupons to Users, Teams, Types and levels.


  • It’s now possible to target Coupons to Users, Teams, Types and levels.


  • Connect dynamically Challenges with Marketplace and set as the objective number of sales, revenue and VA score.


  • Inclusion of User Types and User Levels in Inbox Messages Targets.

User Portal


  • It’s now possible for the user to see available coupons target to him on the first checkout page.
  • It’s now possible for “Collaborator” Users to see their Team Structure and VA on the User Portal.
  • The page “My Orders” displays now “My Clients”, that is, orders made by the user type “Client” with his Sponsor ID, and “Created by Me”, that is, orders made by the admin for his customers.
  • The Marketplace is now divided into four main categories: Products (where the users can find the same products as before), Gifts, Packs & Downloadables (digital products).
  • Bug with Tax calculation for products with discounts fixed.
  • Bug with Discount coupons in percentage fixed.