Release Version V1.24.2

This version brought us New Features and also solved some bugs reported by our clients.

Admin Portal


  • The behaviour of Orders’ PDF download changed. Now, when a user downloads the orders’ PDF the file won’t come on a zip file but on a generic folder.
  • The bug that didn’t let admins change the Bar Code of a product was fixed.
  • Marketplace Report’s Bugs are fixed, namely the “Top Sales” and “Top Sellers” blocks. The amount of orders cancelled and refunded are now discounted from “Gross Revenue” block and “Items & Net Revenue Evolution” graphic. This graphic now also displays values without TAX and Shipping costs.
  • The search of products by reference/sku is now available in the product listing.


  • Now it’s possible to target Journeys to users based on their level or type.

User Portal


  • Bancontact Payment Method is now available in the Marketplace.
  • The option “Bank Transfer” was removed from payment options.
  • The search of products by reference, name and product variation is now available in the product listing.