Release V1.28.0

This version brought us New Features on Admin and User Portal!

Admin Portal


  • Mondial Relay Integration: Now it’s possible to integrate Mondial Relay as a shipping provider. You just have to subscribe to this integration on your store and create a new Mondial Relay shipping provider in the Admin Portal.
  • Digital Products: Now it’s possible to have digital products with downloadable content. When creating these products, the admin has to attach a file and publish the product. On the user side, the checkout process is facilitated and adapted (no shipping option to select). After purchase, the customer receives the digital content automatically by email. He can also download it on the order details page (“My orders”).
  • e-Logik Integration: Now it’s possible to subscribe to this integration on your store to help you manage stock.


  • Multiple Currencies on Products: Is now possible to choose a different currency for specific products, courses, journeys, sessions, and coupons, even if it doesn’t match the organization’s default currency.

User Portal


  • Fast Checkout: New “Buy Now” button available on all products page that will redirect the user to the first checkout step to buy only the product selected.
  • Cart PopUp: New Cart PopUp that allows users to have a preview of the cart without leaving the page where they are.
  • No login required: Now it’s possible for not-connected users to add products to the cart and start the checkout process.
  • More Details for Addresses: This release now allows to add Name, Email & Phone Number to specific Addresses.

Bugs Fixed

  • Orders at 0€ don’t require a payment method anymore.
  • Option to remove coupons from checkout enabled.
  • Vat type is now locked to the billing country for professional users.