Surveys Manual

Learn all about Bravon Surveys 

Admin Portal

How to Create a Survey

1. Info

Provider: ​Choose the provider that will create the Survey.

Title: ​Choose the title of your Survey.

Description: ​​A brief description of the Survey.

Image: ​Choose an image to add to the Survey.

Reward Coins: Choose the amount of coins you want to reward.

2. Questions

Type of Questions - Choice

Questions with only two possible answers and no wrong answers. The ideal type for True/False or Yes/No questions.

Question: Write here the question to ask.

Hint: You can leave a hint to help users to answer correctly.

Start Date: You can limit the time a certain question will be available to answer. 

Image: You can add an image to the question. 

Answers: Write the possible answers for the question.