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Scoring Challenges

Admin - How to Create Scoring Challenges

Perfom - Scoring Challenges - Add Challenge

1. Info

Challange Type: Choose the challenge type.

Name: Choose the title of your challenge.

Description: Provide a description about the challenge.

Rules: If you have a set of rules for your challenge, you can write them here for your users to know them.

Category: Choose the category of your challenge. This category should be created in advanced (Settings -> Configurations -> Modules -> Perform -> Categories).

Tags: It's possible to add tags to help you identify your challenge.

Image : Add an image to your challenge.

Language : Choose the language of your challenge.

2. KPI

System: Choose if the point system will be static or dynamic. For "static" the users will inform the platform of their scores. For "dynamic" a third party will inform the platform of their scores.

If Static

Unit: The type of unity that will be used to score on this challenge. It can be points, percentages, VA* & currency. If you choose currency you'll have one extra step to select the currency.

Objective: Choose if the challenge will be individual or for Teams.

Target Score: The number of points to to reach.

Score + Points the player wins for each score approved.

Score - : Points the player loses for each score rejected.

If Dynamic - Marketplace

Order Status: Status of Market Order that will trigger awarding scores.

Products: ​When the score service is marketplace, choosing a product or multiple-ones it means the users will score for each product in orders. Letting it empty means the user will score for each order.

Unit of Measurement : ​The type of unity that will be used to score on this challenge. 

Target Score : Points your team must have to reach 100% of the challenge.

*Direct Selling Feature