Release Version V1.32.1

This version, available from November 10th, was served as an improvement on previous releases and already existing features on Admin and User Portal.

User Portal


  • When an admin makes an order for users and selects Mondial Relay as the Shipping Method, is now possible for the user to change the pickup point when they confirm the order.

Admin Portal


  • Journey Report on Admin Analytics had a complete transformation process. With a more clear view is now easier to track users progress and performance on journeys with more precise data.

Bugs Fixed

  • The bug that caused the Images on Courses to not be saved correctly was fixed.
  • Button “Mark as Done” on each step of journeys when the user already complete that step outside of the journey. (Example: Challenge or Course previously completed).
  • Users with large names had a display issue on the Team Structure that is now fixed.