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Admin Portal

How to Create Products

Marketplace -> Products -> + Add Product
Attention to the following Steps:
Step 1: Product Info

Publish: When selected, the product will be published on marketplace and be visible to all end-users.
Highlight: Select this checkbox if you want the product to appear on the highlighted products' block.
Translations: For Name, Description and Summary of the products, you must provide the translation to the languages available on the organization.
Subscription: Select this checkbox if products are available for subscription, providing flexible and recurring payment choices for users’ customers. The Admin can choose the frequency (only once, daily, weekly, monthly, half yearly, yearly, two years or three years) and the debit day.
Digital product: Digital products will have no shipment since they're not physical products. Instead, they will be delivered by email.
Pack: W hen selected, the user will bundle different existing products instead of creating a new one.
Category: Select the category of the product. This will be used on the marketplace filters.
Product Type: Select the type of the product. This will be seen on the top tabs of the marketplace, in order to distinguish the type of products.
Available countries: Choose the countries that the product will be available in. Leaving it empty means it will be available in all countries.
SKU: Stock keeping unit is a number to differentiate and track inventory. Apply your product's SKU to easily manage the orders and stock.
Media: select an image for your product.

Step 2: Product Variations

In this step you have the products variations. For each product variation you should pay attention to the following steps:
Pack: In this step, you will define the bar code, SKU and related form of the pack.

Product Selection: the admin can add different products with different quantities to the pack.

Price & Taxes Step: in this step, you will define the price, promotions, and VAT.

Stock Step: define all information about the stock.

Direct Selling Step*: Define the commissions related to product variation.*only available for direct selling companies

Invoice Info: This information will only appear on the order's invoiceYou can add a custom description and a UPC Code that will appear on the order invoice

Add Attribute:
Per product, you can add several attributes. Select the type of attribute (from the list of attributes that were settled to that organization).

Step 3: SEO

Set the SEO information to improve the SEO of the product on the search engines.

Step 4: Users

User Types: The users having the selected user type will have access to the created product. Leaving it empty means that all users will have access to it;
Competencies Domains: The users having the selected competencies domains will have access to the created product. Leaving it empty means that all users will have access to it

Step 5: Rewards

Upgrade User Types: Upgrade  users' experience by selecting your desired level of upgrade.
Competencies Domains: Upgrade users' competencies domains you want to upgrade.

Manage Stock

Marketplace -> Stocks
On the stocks list page, you will have a table with all the products and variations, with their stock status and the number of stock. 
On top of the page, you will find a button "Download CSV" so you can download a CSV file with this list.
By clicking on one entry of the table, it will open a popup so you can edit the stock amount.

Manage Orders

Marketplace -> Orders
On the orders list page, you will have a table with all the orders made on marketplace. You can easily download the invoice and see the status of each order. In these table you have the following options: pending payment, pending, processing, processing error, completed, canceled, refunded, failed, or lost. 

View order
In this page you will have the details of the order, where you can:

Change status
Change the status of an order, easily, by clicking on Actions -> Change status

On the top of the page, you will find a button "Export Excel" where you can download an excel with the order's list.

Create order
By clicking on the "make an order" button, you will be able to create an order for another user. Here you will need to define:

Once you place the order, the user will receive an email to confirm the order and add the payment method.

Refund order
By clicking on the "refund" button, on the detailed page of the order, you will be able to refund the user ​partially or totally. You will then find the following popup:

You can either choose to refund by the quantity of products (select which products you want to refund) or choose to refund a manual value (not related to specific products). On the second option, this will not have impact on your VA amount. If you refund per product, you will loose the VA's that you've earned with that product.

How to Update the Marketplace Homepage

Settings -> Configurations -> Modules -> Academy -> Page Info
On this page, users can update the marketplace homepage and change titles and images.

H1 - Title:  Title that will appear as H1 on top of slider (​maximum 70 characters).
Background Slider: Background image that will appear on header slider.
Background Slider (Responsive Resolution): Background image that will appear on header slider in smaller devices.

User Portal

Buy a Product

Marketplace -> Select a product
When you open a product, you can see all the details of the product, like variations and the stock. Select the quantity and you have two options:
Buy now: to go directly to cart and proceed to the product's checkout.
Add to cart: to add the product to the cart. You can go to your cart, see all the products you've added and proceed to checkout.

Checkout Process

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

See orders

Click on your profile picture (top right corner) -> My orders
You can see all the orders you've made in a list, and you can easily check the order' status and download the invoice.
If you click on an list entry, you can see the order's details page where you can send a refund request if you need.