Journeys Manual

Learn all about Bravon Journeys 

User portal Admin Portal

Admin Portal

How to Create a Journey

Perform -> Journeys -> Add Journey 

1. Info

Publish: ​Select if you want the Journey to be visible to the public.

Name: Choose the name of the Journey.

Summary: A brief description of the Journey.

Description: ​A description of the Journey.

Why?: Why should users take this Journey?

Image: Select an image to represent the Journey.

Tags: Write multiple tags related to this journey.

Target: You can target the journey to users and/or teams.

Sequential: If selected, the users will have to follow the steps of the Journey sequentially. 

Language: Choose the language of the journey.

Price & Promo Price: Should be created in advance in the Tenant: Go to Console -> Products -> Journeys -> Add Journeys

2. SEO

Improve the SEO of the Journey in this step. You can edit:



Link:  you can choose the slug of the journey